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Born in Belo Horizonte, MG 1976 but Rodrigo Bragança spent most of his childhood and youth in Brasília. In 1996, in São Paulo, he started his studies of Popular Music (electric guitar) at Santa Marcelina College and graduated in 1999. His post graduation course was concluded in 2014. From “Berklee College of Music Online Courses” he studied Arranging, Jazz Composition, Counterpoint, Songwriting for film and TV, Songwriting: Writing Hit Songs. He was a student of the professors Charles Watson and Sílvia Góes expert in arts creativity research.


Hermeto Pascoal and Danilo Caymmi took part in the CDs of his first band, MANDU SARARÁ a Brazilian Jazz quintet. He was also one of the founders of O GRITO, a rock band whose first CD, “Urbe Incandescida” was acknowledged as one of the most innovative rock bands of the 2006 by “Guitar Player” Magazine. His solo CD “Lágrimas de Chorar Estrelas” (2008) - is a wide exploitation of original textures of his electric guitar and expansion of its expressive and the possible exquisite timbres through the experimentation of new technics and of its sound processing. 


It was in 2009 that he conceived  “Caminhos Poéticos da Canção”, a project aimed to investigate the harmonious and friendly relationship among poetry, words and melody in Brazilian Popular Music. He took part in shows, talks as well as debates together with Fernando Brant, Tavinho Moura, Chico César, Luiz Melodia, Arnaldo Antunes, Alice Ruiz, José Miguel Wisnik e Luiz Tatit at "Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil” (CCBB) in Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. 


Rodrigo is a songwriter and has been a music producer for ARGILA PRODUÇÕES MUSICAIS since 2008 creating soundtracks for games, cinema, publicity and school books projects as well as directing new artists. 


In 2012 and 2013 he went on short  tours in France and England as part of the AXIAL PROJECT. In 2015 and 2016 he joined the improvisation collective ANDAR, NADAR E VOAR together with Benjamim Taubkin, Ricardo Herz, Ari Colares, João Taubkin e Pedro Ito. He has been a member of the MÚSICA DE MONTAGEM project, led by the composer Sergio Molina. 


Without taking a break from his musical activities Rodrigo wrote the book  “Solo para um Homem Só” released by Editora Patuá which poems gave birth to a CD of sound scenes devised to music and dance performance improvisations. In 2018, he played for the dancing group GUMBOOT DANCE BRASIL. Since then he has directed “In_Ventos Poéticos”, a project that deals with a dialogue between music and other artistic languages such as poetry and the dance through performances and interviews on YouTube and also in live events. The album “In_Ventos Poéticos” Vol. 1, released in 2019 is a mix of songs and improvisations in partnership with invited artists. Antônio Nóbrega set one of his poems to music, “Começo de Tudo” and added it to his latest album RIMA.


To be a teacher at Faculdade Santa Marcelina-SP is part of his musical and personal journey to date. He teaches “Composition Laboratory” and “Production and Music diffusion: from the Concept to Performance.”


In October 2020, he released "Sobrevoo", SOBREVOO together with Benjamim Taubkin, the pianist, is an album of a set of unpublished pieces of work of both artists.


In February 2022, Rodrigo released "Improvisions 1: Sand Castles", in duo with Tarita de Souza, an album composed entirely of free improvisations that draws soundscapes inspired by images, poems and musical stimuli such as timbres, melodic and rhythmic motifs.

In March 2022, he releases Mind Oceans, a solo album in which he creates experimental soundscapes created from guitar sound processing. In this same ambient/experimental line and forming a trilogy of albums, Images of the Unconscious (2022) and Endless Search (2023) were released.

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