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One of Brazil ́s most inventive and innovative contemporary guitarists.


Rodrigo’s intriguing works are different in instrumentation, in the originality of the electric guitar texture and a creative approach to a new and exquisite timbre, not to mention the voice of the composer singer, a very rare and unexplored binomial in the context of the Brazilian music. Audaciously exploring his own limits, Rodrigo goes deep into the most expressive possibilities of using different timbres through new techniques, enriched by the analog effects pedals. Hermeto Pascoal, Swami Jr, Proveta and Danilo Caymmi took part in the CDs of his first band, MANDU SARARÁ a Brazilian Jazz quintet. He was also one of the founders of O GRITO, a rock band whose first CD, “Urbe Incandescida” was acknowledged as one of the most innovative rock bands of the 2006 by “Guitar Player” Magazine.

Rodrigo has 12 authorial albums released and with different projects he has toured throughout Brazil, France, UK, USA and India.

(new album!)

"Rodrigo Bragança's new album is amazing! I was

very pleased to follow the production process during the recordings of the drums and percussion that happened in my Space Blues studio.I have been following Rodrigo's career for almost 20 years and feel it just keeps getting better and better! Rodrigo has developed a unique style of composition, arrangement with

organic sounds and timbres besides synthetic textures "avant garde" on the guitar always with good taste and a poetic sense while producing instrumental music of international level but above all keeping the Brazilian influence and


Alexandre Fontanetti, guitarist, producer, engineer, 8 times nominated and 3 times Latin Grammy winner

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"Like an anthropologist who throughout his life

collects goods which seems to be useful to the

 theme of his research. And at a given moment - at a certain point - they get all together on a central axis and they unveil their value. They are connected - they make sense. These thoughts come to me when I listen to this Rodrigo Bragança's beautiful project. It sounds to me like an affirmation of life - of the aesthetic, of an identity.  His tireless search for original timbres of the guitar is present, it is there. But also his harmonic, rhythmic and melodic search. I listened to these themes with joy. We always wish all the best to our friends. And we feel good when we see they have achieved their goal. Floating Lakes is with no doubt one of these achievements."


Benjamim Taubkin, composer, pianist


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