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João Taubkin Group

Âncora joao



João Taubkin _ bass

Sérgio Reze _ drums

Rodrigo Bragança _ electric guitar and effects

Zé Godoy _ piano

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photo: Duda Morais
Âncora mus mont

montage music

montage music cd 


joana duah _ lead voice

Aninha ferrini _ voice

Alexya evelyn _ voice

clara bastos _ bass

priscila brigante _ drums

rodrigo bragança _ electric guitar and effects

sérgio molina _ piano, acoustic guitar and compositions

photo: Ana Bregantin
Âncora andar nadar

walk, swim, fly

free improvisation

benjamim taubkin _ piano

ari colares _ percussion

ricardo herz _ violin

joão taubkin _ bass

pedro ito _ drums

rodrigo bragança _ electric guitar and effects

Music made on the spot. This is the concept that guides the creations of the collective of musicians 'Andar, Nadar, Voar'. The group's purpose is to create - in real time and collectively - sounds that dialogue with compositions, songs and arrangements in order to experience free and spontaneous creation. The search is for everyone's connection with the music of the moment - musicians and audiences sharing a specific experience of time and unique spaces. "Six musicians with a passion for song, timbres, elaborate and unusual constructions, come together for a new experience. Free - spontaneous creation. Music and the moment pointing the way. Attentive listening. The creation of a shared free space . Among musicians and in harmony with the public. After all, it is about being present. Attentive and light. " Benjamin Taubkin

andar, nadar, voar I improviso 4 I  in_ventos poéticos #22
andar nadar voar I improviso 1B I in_ventos poéticos #22
andar, nadar, voar I improviso 3 I in_ventos poéticos #22
andar, nadar, voar I improviso 1A I in_ventos poéticos #22
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