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From creation to realization

Tools to create, leverage ideas and materialize your creations 


01. Stimulate musical creation from concepts related to creativity.

02. Provide compositional tools for creation.

03. Deepen issues related to the aesthetic concept of a song.

04. Produce reflections on the various instances that involve the construction of a musical work (melody, lyrics, rhythm, timbre, interpretation, arrangement, production, etc) and relate them to a concept.


05. Experiment in practice with the resources available to each participant  the translation of conceptual aspects into music “materialized” in a recording. From this process, awakening perception, consciousness and evolution.


06. Produce strategies and a conceptual, aesthetic, artistic “plan” for recording a song, EP or album.

07. Prepare and produce strategies for a studio recording.

08. Learn about the creative and conceptual use of effects in the context of music production.

09. Learn about the structure of the lyrics of a song and poem and their relationship with musical aspects such as melody, rhythm, harmony and soundscape. 

musical creation

Reflections and tools to develop creativity, potentiate ideas, unlocking blocks and acquiring fluency.

  • Concepts related to creativity applied to music

  • Creative techniques to break blocks and make creation flow

  • Composition exercises

  • Analysis of exercises and compositions

4 dates

poetry and lyrics  of song

Tools for creating song lyrics and poems from concepts related to creativity. 

  • Concepts related to creativity applied to the creation of song lyrics and poetry

  • Creative techniques to break blocks and make creation flow

  • Song lyrics - prosody, meaning, meter, poetics, relationship to rhythm, melody and harmony

  • The poem - the structure, rhyme, popular forms, figures of speech

  • Analysis of creations

4 dates

Concept and construction

Relevant aspects of the construction of an arrangement from the aesthetic concept

  • the treatment of  melody, rhythm, harmony, timbre, instrumentation, interpretation, arrangement - the  from a concept

  • Reference analysis

  • The choice of repertoire - unity, conceptual line

  • Artistic plan for recording the song, EP or album

  • Strategies and preparation for performance and recording

4 dates 

Musical production

Creative and conceptual aspects linked to  use of effects in music production

  • The conceptual and creative use of effects in a recording

  • dynamic effects,  saturation , modulation,  filters,  delays,  reverbs

  • Creative aspects related to mixing

  • Reference analysis

4 dates 

Module 1

Extra Modules

For whom

For music students, songwriters, composers, writers, independent artists  and producers  who want to enhance their creations and productions.

weekly online meetings  

Next class in May. Limited spots!!!


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group online  


From 1h30 to 2h of class.  Practical classes.  


The modules are independent.  

Weekly exercises with teacher supervision.

How it works

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Rodrigo Bragança
Guitarist, composer, poet, record producer 

This workshop was conceived from studies on creativity, experiences as a musician in several artistic projects (Mando Sarará, O Grito, Axial, Murá, Gumboot Dance Brasil, In_Ventos Poéticos, João Taubkin Trio, Música de Montage, Maskavo, Coletivo of Improvisation Andar, Nadar, Voar, Rodrigo Bragança Trio, among others), as a composer, arranger and music producer at the producer/studio Argila Produções Musicais and as a teacher of the subjects "Composition Laboratory" and "Production and Diffusion: from concept to performance " in the graduate courses at Faculdade Santa Marcelina (SP). 


Module 1 (8 meetings): R$  2x of R$220  or R$ 400 in cash

1 extra module (4 encounters):  BRL 250  

2 extra modules (8 meetings): R$  2x of R$220  or R$ 400 in cash

Complete package with 3 Modules (16 meetings): 4x R$220 or R$800 in cash

Start of the next class (module 1): May 20, 2020

Start of class extra modules: to be defined

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