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DUO Rodrigo Bragança and Tarita de Souza

The duo between Rodrigo Bragança (guitar and effects) and Tarita de Souza (vocals) is born from the intersections of their visions and aesthetic desires. The need to invent music through the practice of free improvisation is an engine that is always in motion, fueled by fuels such as poetry, visual arts, performance and the creative chemistry inherent to the duo. There is always a synesthetic dimension present in the sound product of these interactions. With the antennas on and their hearts awake, Rodrigo and Tarita listen to each other and dialogue with poems, images and sound gestures, creating landscapes of unusual sounds, coming from a guitar and a voice that experience new territories, taking the risk and the state of presence as premises of their compositional work. In that sense, the artists see this as a meditative practice that puts them in the 'here and now' and allows this music to be filled with spontaneity and a truth that is only achieved in this way.

Video clips (show projections)

Album "Improvisions 1: Sand Castles" (2022)

"Improvisions 1: Sand Castles" is the first album by the guitar and voice duo formed by Rodrigo Bragança (guitar) and Tarita de Souza (vocals). Conceived and recorded during the pandemic period between 2020 and 2021, the project speaks more through the language of sounds than words about experiences of confinement, mourning, deprivation and, above all, a feeling of transformation and hope in the rebirth of new times that will still come. Composed entirely of free improvisations, "Improvisions 1: Sand Castles" draws soundscapes inspired by images, poems and musical stimuli such as timbres, melodic and rhythmic motifs. The starting point is the opening of auditory perception channels and the dialogue between a guitar dressed in effects and processing and a voice that is, above all, reconfigured, re-signified and treated as a musical instrument. With the antennas on and sharp, the two instruments talk frankly right in front of the listener and invite him on a trip to some other place that is certainly not Planet Earth.

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