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From creation to realization

Tools to create, leverage ideas and materialize your creations 

"A fantastic, profound experience. The workshop manages to enhance the best we have as composers. Rodrigo manages to provoke, to make us spontaneously produce quality material that can be turned into a beautiful song or instrumental theme... The workshop allows us to experiment, feel, produce without criticism and then know how to find in all the material produced something that can be an aesthetic realization.”  


(Fabio Madureira, guitarist and composer)



I was surprised, the course is very good, Rodrigo is a very prepared person. I had a prejudice about learning about this subject. I thought: “what do you mean, I have my own way of creating, how do you study this, something that comes from within?” But yes, there is a lot to see and understand that there are many resources that inspire us. The course has a lot of practice of creation, proposes to create in many different ways through exercises that are very exciting.”


(Fernando Gonça, guitarist and composer)



"Finally I'm able to make my first song with harmony, melody and lyrics thanks to the provocations that Rodrigo brings and the exercises he gives us. He doesn't let a moment go by without us being provoked. I'm very grateful for that. Whoever is looking for a path, a direction for their creativity, look for Rodrigo and he will show you the best path”.


(Thiago Lopes, singer)



"I am extremely excited and satisfied with what the course proposal was and what is being delivered.  Rodrigo is an extremely generous teacher. Past exercises are very pertinent within the process."


(Frater Goya, guitarist and composer) 

The course

Based on concepts related to creativity, this workshop proposes tools to enhance your creative process, materialize ideas, materialize creations and unlock obstacles. Each exercise will show a point of view, a different trigger where the composition can start and develop in order to instigate your creativity and open new paths.  In the end, you'll have a great arsenal of tools to unleash your creativity, always from an artistic perspective.


For  music students, songwriters, composers, singer-songwriters and  musicians in general.  Intermediate and advanced level. It is necessary to have some mastery of a musical instrument and basic notions of music so that the student can enjoy the exercises and be able to apply  the concepts.

  • The Child and the Guard

  • spontaneous creation

  • Self-Investigation

  • Status of presence and delivery

  • The Playful in Creativity

  • reframing the error

  • The Limit as creative propulsion

  • The Phantom of Criticism

  • Demystifying the idea of inspiration in the creative process. Sweating and work. 

  • Editing in the creative process

  • Various exercises for the practice of concepts involving: melodic creation,  harmonica writing

  • Creation exercises based on stimuli from other artistic languages


For whom

free class

Discover the proposal of this course and take a free class.  Good trip!

Passo 1
Passo 4

Online course recorded in videos (approximately 2:30 am) 

  • Concepts and ideas related to creativity

  • Exercise proposals to boost your creativity in music

  • 1 1-hour private lesson with the teacher for clarification of doubts

  • Access to closed Facebook group  to exchange information with other students

  • If you regret it, we will refund your money within 7 days.

How it works

The teacher

Rodrigo Bragança
Guitarist, composer, poet, record producer 

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Born in Belo Horizonte, Rodrigo Bragança spent his childhood and adolescence in Brasília. In 1996, he moved to São Paulo to study music. In 1999, he graduated in popular music (guitar) and in 2014 completed a postgraduate degree in popular song, both courses at Faculdade Santa Marcelina. took the courses  Arranging, Jazz Composition, Couterpoint, Songwritings for Film and TV  and  Songwriting: Writing Hit Songs  at Berklee Online. Studied with masters Charles Watson, Sílvia Góes, experts and researchers of creativity  in the arts. He was one of the creators of the Brazilian jazz group Mandu Sarará whose CDs had the participation of Hermeto Pascoal, Proveta and Danilo Caymmi. His former rock band O Grito, when releasing the CD “Urbe Incandecida”, was named by Guitar Player magazine as “one of the most innovative rock groups today” in 2006. In 2008, he released the solo cd “Lágrimas de Chorar Estrelas”. ” in which he explores the original textures of the electric guitar and expands its timbristic and expressive possibilities by experimenting with new techniques and processing its sound. In 2009, he conceived and directed the project “Caminhos Poéticos da Canção” which aimed to investigate the relationship between poetry, lyrics and music in Brazilian popular song. In concerts, round tables and lectures held at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center in Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, he performed alongside artists Fernando Brant, Tavinho Moura, Chico César, Luiz Melodia, Arnaldo Antunes, Alice Ruiz, José Miguel Wisnik and Luiz Tatiti He has been a composer and music producer at Argila Produções Musicais for 12 years creating soundtracks for projects in the areas of education, games, cinema and advertising and also producing new artists. In 2012 and 2013, he toured Europe with Projeto Axial. In 2015 and 2016, he joined the improvisation collective Andar, Nadar e Voar with Benjamim Taubkin, Ricardo Herz, Ari Colares, João Taubkin and Pedro Ito. Also participates in  montage music project, led by composer Sérgio Molina. In 2016, he released the book of poems about loneliness 'Solo para um Homem Só' by Editora Patuá and, in 2017, the eponymous CD of soundscapes created for the performance of music and dance improvisations based on these poems. In 2018, he played with the dance group Gumboot Dance Brasil and since then directs the project In_Ventos Poéticos, which proposes the dialogue between music and other artistic languages such as poetry and dance in performances and interviews on YouTube and also in live events. . In 2019, he released the CD 'In_Ventos Poéticos - volume 1' with songs  and improvisations created in partnership with guest artists. His poem "Começo de Tudo" was set to music by Antônio Nóbrega and is part of the artist's most recent album, "Rima". He is a professor in two postgraduate courses, teaching the subjects "Composition Laboratory" and "Musical Production and Diffusion: from concept to performance" at Faculdade Santa Marcelina, São Paulo.

BRL 397.00 in cash  or in 12 installments of BRL 38.68 


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