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The duo formed by the guitar player Rodrigo Bragança and the pianist Benjamim Taubkin has just released Sobrevoo, a complete album built of original compositions. 

Two musical instruments that carry out the same functions – harmonic and melodic. A duet presenting two distinct worlds in the Brazilian music, jazz approach, subtle touch from the east and also the popular music. This is “Sobrevoo”, the duet’s album built by Rodrigo Bragança the Guitar player and Benjamim Taubkin the piano player.

Made of both artists’ brand new compositions the album put together sophisticate chords full of shades which, besides being harmonious and mellow, they are intense, solid and moving. Meanwhile, the guitar goes from experimental tune to textures, shades of timbre hat brings about unusual scenes made of exquisite sound landscapes. 

Admiration and respect for each other work has always been mutual but their first partnership happened when Benjamim invited Rodrigo to take part in LANDSCAPES, at Casa do Núcleo. This project consisted of three musicians and three poets who presented spontaneous improvisation of poems. Added to this, consequently Rodrigo was invited to be a member of Benjamim's collective for the free improvisation group ANDAR, NADAR, VOAR. By this time a strong will to register these sounds gave birth to the idea of going to the studio to record them.

Soon after Rodrigo was invited to take part in the musical assembly ANDAR, NADAR, VOAR, a strong will to register these sounds was born as well as a wish to record both musicians’ compositions particularly coated with the sounds of Rodrigo’s guitar with the pedals and effects enriched by Benjamim’s piano harmonies and sensibility.

The duo’s intent was, if they succeeded in the experimentation, they would build a CD. And it happened.

“Rodrigo is really an original musician. He has a peculiar way of playing and thinking the guitar which greatly differs from the traditional way. The several layers of timbres printed in some of the pieces of music amplifies the instrument possibilities”, said Benjamim.

“Most of the beauty I have looked for is found in the pieces of music made by Benjamim. Therefore the seed of this project: the enchantment, the strong wish to make music together and an almost unbearable extreme curiosity to feel how would the sound landscapes of our individual universes engage in a musical conversation”, said Rodrigo.

 “I do believe it’s a CD to be listened to calmly without haste…as well as it was conceived. Moreover, it can open ways to careful and sweet consideration of places that seem desirable to us. Windows for the construction of this world we long for. More reflective and peaceful”. Added the pianist.

The CD was recorded at Estudio Carbono Sound Lab by Zé Godoy and Mixed by Ricardo Mosca.

photography: fundo: lou gaioto

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LISTEN TO THE álbum 'sobrevoo' 

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