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solo para um homem só

poems book
dance and music performance
CD álbum

The poems from the book 'Solo para um Homem Só' are the starting point and guide for a journey that begins in the mother's womb, passes through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and crosses existence. The loneliness that we perceive, the loneliness that affects us without touching us, the loneliness that hurts in the body and hurts in the soul. The loneliness that throws us into the void, the loneliness that we don't know how to deal with, that implodes us and makes us explode. Abandonment, separation, loneliness imposed by something external, that necessary for our maturation and finally solitude, a state of wholeness that can heal us and give light to the darkness. The poetic-sonorative narrative delicately and forcefully draws the path of the only man who feels, processes, matures and transcends the pain of loneliness through the search for self-knowledge and spirituality.

May this experience, in some way and at some level, transform us positively. May we be able to reconnect our humanity by examining our Being in depth to better see each other and the world around us with a more loving look.

The improvisational performance of music, poetry and dance was conceived by Rodrigo Bragança and the dancer and artist of the movement Priscila Torres.

Solo para um Homem Só
Solo para um Homem só - teaser 1
Solo para um Homem só - teaser 2
Solo para um Homem só - teaser 3
Solo para um Homem só - teaser 4

some poems from the book

I ask my mother for the uterus key

so I can come in and close my eyes

I need to lose the world


for the dark to heal me and my dreams to rest

when I'm at the door

when I'm stone

when I'm mule

when I'm cell


when I'm post

when i'm ditch

when I'm dry

when I'm moon

when I'm splinter

when I'm missing

when I'm never

hands wave

the voice sinks

the chest loads and empties

the eyes rain the tragic end of the afternoon

the city is over

there is never time

for a farewell

the hug ends one hour

when there is no one

when there is no way

when where is any corner

when the corner finds no one


foto banner - pri no canto
rodrigo e guitarra
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13123102_1744420525795553_4101997977742868514_o (2)
photos: Lou Gaioto
performance: Priscila Torres
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